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Overview of Main Screen

Overview of Gluroo Main Screen

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Charts Legend

Charts are available from the expanded header Charts tab and inline by expanding a blood glucose reading and time along the right edge of the Gluroo Events Log (GEL).

Readout Details

Tapping on or sliding along the chart changes the time of the readout marker and updates the Readout Details in real time.

What Gluroo Understands

You can send messages and photos to all the members of your GluCrew just like you would in other messaging apps. Gluroo understands various health, diet, and diabetes-related words and phrases to help update the shared context of how the Person With Diabetes is doing, what's the latest with their supplies, and more.

Some things that Gluroo understands include:

Dosed 2u records an insulin dose
45g bagel for breakfast records a meal
20g juice records a low-intervention
20m low walk records a low intensity exercise
104fp records a fingerprick bg reading]

For more details and explanation, see What Gluroo Understands. Right now Gluroo only understands English keywords, but you can change your preferred user interface language under the Settings menu.

Remember, you can always use the + button in the bottom left of the screen to enter a structured message in a more guided way.